The Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education announced the 2018 finalists for its inaugural Zaentz Early Education Innovation Challenge.

​Is the first step in a career ladder designed to level the playing field for Spanish-speaking, Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) care

ESCALERAS is a series of training modules that meet the new Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) pre-service requirements to become a licensed or registered Family Child Care Provider (FCCP).

  ESCALERAS is a basic, well-rounded, introduction to early care and education, health, hygiene, safety, and professional standards necessary to operate a family child care program.

ESCALERAS is a relational training model that combines video+face-to-face, is visually and emotionally engaging, and narrows the digital divide.   


  • Innovative, cost effective, synergistic

  • Videos are in Spanish

  • Training manual for sponsor agency, trainer and providers are available in Spanish and English

  • Step-by-step support for initial implementation

  • ​On-going resources and guidance​

  • Can be customized and ​​personalized to your agency’s needs

  • Can be translated to other languages (Kreyòl)​

ESCALERAS is offered through a partnership with a community based organization.  We are happy to help you navigate this process.

Order a sample of one of the modules.  You will receive a clip of one of the visual presentations and a few pages from a Spanish module.

Request a meeting to explore the cost of offering ESCALERAS in your community:


  • "Our experience working with Pilar has been wonderful. Her expertise in the early childhood field at the classroom, program and system level has been an incredible asset for our work. Moreover, Pilar is deeply committed to social justice and brings deep knowledge of what it means to work with service providers in underserved communities and to conduct advocacy work for Latino and dual language learners in the US"

    Ana Maria Nieto Villamizar
    Ana Maria Nieto VillamizarDirector Office of Early Childhood
  • “ESCALERAS  provides a good model that can be replicated when working with various immigrant and non-English speaking providers”

    PHMC Training Team
    PHMC Training Team
  • “Seeing the excitement and empowerment on the part of the participants as their knowledge grows and they make progress toward licensing and watching the women bond with and support each other has been most rewarding.”

    PHMC Training Team
    PHMC Training Team
  • “The most rewarding and exciting process is seeing our women bond over this process and truly start to care about each other.   Seeing the leaders emerge from the group and help the other women through the process has been fantastic.”

    PHMC Training Team
    PHMC Training Team
  • "The videos and materials are very professional"

    PHMC Training Team
    PHMC Training Team
  • “Escaleras© not only helps young Hispanic children to be ready to learn at school age, but also develops income and work for Hispanic women, expands childcare services through licensed and certified home based childcare, and creates a network for providers”

    Thom Harr
    Thom HarrFamily Services, Gaithersburg