ED was designed by two educators who are also busy moms

Jenni Monie de Torres has been a military spouse and mom for 18 years moving 6 times across the nation as well as overseas. As a mom, she wanted to find a way to help other military spouses collect and maintain their children’s educational records in a way that was practical, accessible and attractive. As an educator, she wanted to help families succeed during stressful transitions by managing their educational records to minimize their children’s academic disruption and delays.

For 25 years, Pilar Torres has worked with low-income families who move frequently. She wanted to create an app that could help families facing tough situations organize their educational records. Together they came up with ED, created for all families on the move!

According to a report by the Military Child Education Coalition, military children move three times more frequently than their civilian counterparts. Every transition provides challenges for parents as they integrate their children into a new academic setting and system. It is vitally important that we support our military families by providing tools for them to manage, to control and to share their children’s academic records. We cannot afford to allow these children to suffer from academic delays due to their family’s military service.

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